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for Trengo

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Automate +60% of your Trengo tickets

Deliver the best available answer immediately and boost your customer experience — the #1 AI copilot for Trengo.

  • Pay per use, no subscription
  • Email replies based on history
  • Auto suggestions based on context
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The #1 AI copilot for Trengo. Our copilot helps agents to automate +60% of their Trengo tickets and to deliver the best available answer.

Let's see how Airobi makes you an instant rockstar 🤘

We built Airobi to make any agent an instant AI expert and to increase agent efficiency by 31%. With Airobi, you can work smarter, faster and deliver outstanding customer experiences.



You signup, install Airobi in Trengo and open the sidebar next to your tickets.



You can easily handle conversations and access your private ChatGPT within the ticket context.



You can generate answers based on historical messages, and close more customer conversations than before!

DOMO Elektro aims for excellence

We're able to scale down our manual customer support operations. Peaks are smoothly managed, and customers receive assistance on the same day, making Airobi an invaluable asset.

DOMO Elektro

Wim De Voeght

CEO DOMO Elektro


Simple and transparant pricing without subscription

Get AI-powered customer service at an affordable price. You only pay for the functionality you use, for the tickets you want.
Your choice, your price.


You pay per AI action on a ticket. Need a summary? That's 1 credit. Need a reply? That's 1 credit. No restrictions on the number of tickets or actions.

What you get

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited actions
  • Replies based on historical messages
  • All AI tools
  • Best AI models
  • Microsoft Azure (GDPR compliant)

1000 credits


No setup fee, no subscription fee.
Only pay for what you use.

Start for free. No CC required.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, drop us a message.

  • Airobi is an AI agent and copilot for Trengo. It helps you deliver the best available answer immediately and boost your customer experience. It can be installed as a Trengo integration and live in the sidebar.

  • Yes, you can use the copilot for free! You get 100 free credits to properly test the copilot. After that, you can buy extra credits depending on your needs.

  • An AI copilot helps you, as an agent, to automate repetitive tasks, reduce response times, provide consistent answers, and improve customer satisfaction. It works like a human partner sitting next to you, but faster and more accurate.

  • Yes, copilot is better than ChatGPT. It's specifically designed for customer support and is completely integrated within Trengo. It knows the whole ticket context, your ticket history, your company procedures. This leads to more accurate and convincing responses.

  • No, Airobi is an independent company and not owned by Trengo. We have built the copilot to enhance the Trengo experience as Trengo doesn't offer any AI copilot functionality.

  • Yes, our AI copilot lives inside the sidebar of your Trengo account. Therefore, you need a valid Trengo subscription (Essentials, Boost or Pro) to use Airobi.

  • Yes, your data is completely safe. We employ rigorous security measures to ensure your data's safety during transit. We rely on AI models in the Microsoft Azure cloud, which is GDPR compliant.

  • No, besides having a valid Trengo subscription, you only need to install the Airobi integration within the Trengo admin interface.

  • We are working hard on supporting more CX providers next to Trengo.Let us know which provider you will like to see!

  • Yes, Airobi uses GPT-4, amongst other powerfull AI models targetted at customer support, to generate the best possible answers.

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