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Trengo AI: go for inbox zero with Airobi

Inbox zero - the dream of every customer support team. Airobi for Trengo AI integration is the solution that will help you achieve it.

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Trengo AI: go for inbox zero with Airobi

Today, we're going to explore the exciting realm of AI-based customer support software, how it's automating tasks, juggling countless inquiries simultaneously, and achieving optimal operation around the clock so we can aim for inbox zero.

Trengo AI copilot by Airobi will truly be changing the way your customer support operates.

The entire Airobi platform is powered by AI.

The top three outcomes of utilizing our platform :

Customers get instant support with an AI chatbot

Customer gets instant assistance with an AI copilot

AI agents gather and deploy the correct actions and give support leaders instant insights.

AI-based software refers to intelligent automation platforms that can handle multiple customer service functions with minimal human intervention, establishing AI chatbots as a primary customer service channel.

The software is capable of automating repetitive tasks, alleviating the burden from human agents and allowing them to focus on complex, higher-value issues that call for a human touch.

Moreover, they utilize AI chatbots to automate responses, ensuring that customer inquiries get accurate, quick responses at any hour of the day.

These AI solutions efficiently manage inbound and outbound messages, ensuring that every customer inquiry is acknowledged and appropriately routed.

airobi can automate trustpilot reviews with ease

These AI platforms, such as Airobi’s innovative integration for Trengo, can also provide personalised product recommendations based on customer interactions, enhancing the customer experience by offering solutions most pertinent to individual needs.

Overall, they are designed to handle dozens of customer inquiries simultaneously and operate round the clock, ensuring no customer feels ignored or undeserved.

Benefits of AI-Based customer service: Why it's a game-changer?

Incorporating AI support significantly reduces the workload on the team by handling routine inquiries, allowing team members to focus on more complex issues.

airobi takes of the pressure, robi is working on your incoming tickets

Furthermore, leveraging feedback is essential for the continuous improvement of AI chatbot performance, ensuring they evolve and learn from interactions to better meet customer needs.

The AI Revolution: Reframing Customer Interactions

In the world where consumers seek instant responses, AI chatbots, AI-driven agents, and AI copilots are redefining customer interactions through enhanced conversation quality. These smart solutions not only offer round-the-clock customer assistance, dramatically cutting reaction times and offering customers the flexibility to get support at their convenience but also improve the realism of conversations with customers.

The revolution in maintaining conversation context and simulating realistic human conversations is not confined to chatbots merely; AI copilots like the one Airobi has developed for Trengo are emerging as guiding allies for customer service agents, facilitating smooth and effective communication with customers.

Pricing, Data Privacy, and Security - Key Considerations

Data Privacy

As AI will collect substantial customer data for effective service, ensuring data privacy is a significant challenge. Different AI chatbot companies follow different rules for message gathering, and sometimes they may leverage your data for their own purposes.

As a business, understanding who has access to your customer data and ensuring compliance with local laws is paramount. Additionally, utilizing existing message and historic customer inquiries can significantly enhance AI systems' ability to provide better service.

Airobi is an ai cloud partner Microsoft


It's crucial for a company to not only understand data privacy laws and compliance but also how to effectively use this data to train AI for improved customer interactions.

airobi is available on the azure marketplace


You pay per AI action on a ticket. Need a summary? That's 1 credit. Need a reply? That's 1 credit. No restrictions on the number of tickets or actions.

Leveraging AI to Grow Your Business

To stay ahead of the curve using existing data

Businesses team need to harness the power of AI in their customer service strategy.

Recognizing the importance of managing across various channels, such as web chat, email, and WhatsApp, is crucial for providing seamless, omnichannel support for customers who interact with a brand across multiple channels.

Leapfrog competition

At Airobi, we’re breaking down barriers, showing businesses how AI and automation can be an integral part of customer service.

With faster response times, 24/7 support, and advanced message personalisation, your business can steal a march on the competition and emerge as a leader in customer service with customer delight outcomes.


Chatbots not only initiate and continue delivering positive answers but also efficiently manage and route both inbound and outbound message, ensuring that every customer interaction is productive and satisfying.

AI technology, in the context of customer service, extends its capabilities through chatbots, agents, and copilots.

Chatbots are the pioneers of customer interactions, implementing advanced algorithms to start and continue seamless with customers.

Conversational tones are based on historical data and current settings. They initiate the interaction, respond to inquiries in real-time, and provide accurate information, ensuring that every customer interaction is productive and satisfying.


What are agents ?

Agents, performing as discerning conduits, collecting customer data, and assigning appropriate labels. They act as intelligent triggers for smart routing, directing customer inquiries to the right department or person, reducing waiting time and enhancing the overall customer experience.


What is a copilot ?

The copilot plays the role of your personal assistant. This intelligent system ensures everything is guardrails by safeguarding your operations and providing recommendations to improve customer interactions. A copilot like Airobi’s is always there to be consulted – providing you with insights, advice, and a second opinion, ultimately enhancing your decision-making process.

airobi ai copilot can answer to emails

When it comes to data privacy, Airobi makes this a top priority, ensuring robust measures are taken to secure customer data. The copilot safeguarding your operations works within your private ChatGPT environment.

This means you have the peace of mind that your customer interactions and data collection are kept secure and confidential, assuring your customers that their personal information is handled safely and respectfully.


Artificial intelligence in the customer service arena is not just an option; it’s becoming a necessity. Chatbots, agents, and copilots are the pillars that uphold a superior customer experience, efficiency, and productivity.

They mitigate the challenges faced by customer service teams and accelerate the benefits of automated, 24/7 support and personalized customer engagement. With Airobi’s features and Trengo integration, businesses can bring supercharged power into their customer service strategy securely and effectively, expecting remarkable outcomes in customer satisfaction and business growth.

And Airobi's tools are available for you today, no waiting list.