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Want to double your efficiency in Trengo?

Learn how Airobi can help you automate more than 60% of your Trengo tickets

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Want to double your efficiency in Trengo?

Dive into the future of customer service with our exclusive demo of Airobi, the AI Copilot for Trengo. In this video, we give you a first look at how Airobi transforms your customer communication with cutting-edge AI technology.

πŸš€ What You'll See:

Automated Ticket Labeling

Watch Airobi instantly categorize and prioritize tickets, starting with urgent cases from unhappy customers.

Smart Summaries

Discover how Airobi adds concise, informative summaries to each ticket, highlighting key issues and urgency without manual effort.

Adaptive Tools

Explore how Airobi offers customizable options such as changing language, shortening texts, and creating bullet lists to tailor communication to your needs.

Practical Application

See Airobi in action as we demonstrate applying specific procedures to resolve customer issues efficiently.

🌟 Why Airobi?

Airobi is more than just an AI tool; it’s your partner in enhancing customer interactions, boosting response efficiency, and ensuring every customer feels heard and valued.

✨ Join Us:

Step into the world of AI-driven customer service with Airobi and experience how it can elevate your business.

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